After a lengthy & thorough consultation process with industry (including ports, charterers and ship owners), RightShip have made the decision to remove the Environmental Risk Rating from service.

Due to the increasing uptake & success of RightShip's GHG Rating, which measures the CO2 output of vessels, this decision comes as RightShip look to consolidate these ratings and minimise the overlap with the Risk Rating in RightShip Qi, which now better recognises PSC performance in its algorithm.

In addition, some of the actions targeted by the Environmental Risk Rating are now mandatory, and the GHG Rating allows us to continue to recognise best practice.

Furthering our commitment to make the maritime industry more sustainable, the decommissioning of the Environmental Risk Rating allows RightShip to foster the development of the GHG Rating dataset, and we will continue to work with ports to reward the most energy efficient vessels in the worldwide fleet.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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