The following enhancements have been made to the search function in RightShip Qi.

Recent vessel searches

Users are now able to view the 5 most recent vessel searches that have been opened in Qi. These searches include viewing the vessel overview page, reviewing a terminal questionnaire, or opening a vet. This list is not limited to one specific user session, so if you log out of Qi these recent searches will still be available when you log in again. 

The 'Recent Vessels' tab is hidden once you start typing in the search box, so as not to obscure the results of the new search. 

Search by previous vessel names

When a user selects the ‘Include previous vessel names’ option below the search bar, all names that a vessel has been known under will be included in the search query.  

In the example below, the vessel Hong Yu was previously known under the name Blue Seas. 

Searching for dead vessels 

The search bar now has the ability to include dead vessels (including scrapped, broken up, abandoned, scuttled or total loss vessels) when doing a wider search by selecting the ‘Include dead vessels’ button. 

Search by vet ID

Users can now search for a specific vet by selecting ‘Search by vet ID’ & entering the relevant ID number into the search box. 

Click here to view a demo recording of these new search features.

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