Predictive models need constant updating (hence the need for retrains) and we are continuously evaluating the veracity and accuracy of our predictive risk model – this is ‘business as usual’ at RightShip. Additional mitigation activity we have prepared is

  • Manual vetting. Those vessels that have traversed the Paris MoU region will be subject to manual vetting, which may result in some delays. Additional staff have been recruited to assist with this.
  • Geofencing involves setting up a virtual perimeter to identify vessels that have & have not traversed the Paris MoU region and so will provide a filter for manual approvals. Vessels that have not traded in the Paris MoU region need not automatically be subject to manual vetting.
  • Model enhancement. In addition to the regular retains we are working on more substantive changes to the predictive algorithm which will introduce geospatial analysis, and in so doing lessen the impact of PSC data on the model. We expect that these updates will be ready to implement in the first half of 2019. 
  • Inspections. RightShip may be required to undertake additional inspections for those vessels identified as transiting the Paris MoU region and likely to require inspection / higher risk.
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