Once owners have provided the compliance options for all of their vessels over 8,000 DWT, this data will appear on each individual vessel's page in Qi as the January 1 2020 launch date approaches.

Please note that the compliance information provided will not impact the Risk (Star) Rating or GHG Rating awarded to the vessel. 

Vetting customers will be able to use the compliance option as a vetting criteria from 01 December 2019.  

During the vetting process, if the manager has indicated that a vessel does not have a valid method of compliance, the vet requestor is informed accordingly of the risk of non-compliance or incident. 

Regardless of the compliance option chosen by the vessel owner, the decision to accept the ship or not remains with the vetting customer.

After the January 1st 2020, any serious incidents, detentions or non-compliance related tothese low sulphur regulations will be flagged in Qi. This follows the current RightShip practice whereby the vessel’s Risk Rating will be downgraded until the root cause analysis is completed or the manager can prove compliance. Repeat incidents or non-compliance will be flagged during the vetting process. 

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