With enhanced cloud-based servers, plus mobile and tablet-friendly options, the platform has increased stability and provides more versatility for all industry participants. The platform is a one-stop portal giving you data access and request status updates. You can also respond to RightShip requests for information directly in the platform, allowing you to upload vessel information and certificates anywhere, while on the go.

In addition, you’re able to check the status of vets, request inspections and benchmark all vessels’ Risk Rating and GHG emissions from the same vessel page.

The new RightShip platform has several new features, which provide improved functionality and more streamlined communication with our experts. The improved advanced search tool provides a customisable, more efficient search for vessels. You can also set up notifications and alerts to monitor your vessels, inspections and vetting status.

Improved transparency to an individual vessel’s score and to drive improvements in the industry was a design priority. In our enhanced platform offering, you’ll find more information about the Risk Rating and the GHG Rating, including how the vessel has been scored or rated as well as benchmarking each vessel within its peer group. This helps you to clearly understand where the vessel sits versus similar type and size vessels.

New ways to communicate

The RightShip platform allows you to directly request services in the platform on a vessel page. Services include requesting a vet, an inspection or a GHG verification. Your request will be added to our team’s workflow, held within the platform, which allows for faster communication and completion of our services.

The new tools also allow our staff to request additional paperwork or information to complete the service. To speed up the process, we recommend that you provide us with your preferred email addresses for your department. This will improve efficient communication between you and our team.

This could be an email address such as "Vetting@ShippingCompany.com".

Want a direct way for RightShip to get in contact? Our customer research shows that the fastest vets are processed with companies who have set up a generic RightShip email for their vetting staff, such as "RightShip@ShippingCompany.com".

This allows RightShip staff to make contact with your organisation for enquiries related to any vessel within your fleet and turn around vets more quickly.

Please send your preferred vetting department email to drycargo@rightship.com

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