This vessel has an excellent safety record with an overall score of five.

Looking further into its sub-scores, both its incident and DOC performance, which have the highest impact on the overall Safety Score, have been exemplary with both sub-scores receiving a five.

Of medium impact on this vessel’s Safety Score, is the vessel’s PSC deficiency performance and detention performance, which are a four and five respectively. Despite the vessel’s deficiency performance being a four, a vessel can still achieve an overall Safety Score of five provided that the deficiencies were low and relatively minor – which we will see shortly when we examine the vessel’s activity timeline.

And although of lower impact, this vessel’s Flag and Class both received excellent sub-scores of five.

Let’s examine the specific safety events included in each vessel’s Safety Score in its activity timeline.

All known incidents, PSC deficiencies and detentions will be listed here.

We can observe the severity grading of each incident, where RightShip grade severity with Category A, B and C – With category A being the most severe.

We can also see the specific PSC inspection, including where and when it occurred, as well as the number of deficiencies and whether the vessel was detained.

In this example, this vessel received a sub-score of five for incidents, as it had zero incidents in the last 5 years.

Additionally, the Activity Timeline shows us the vessel had multiple clean PSC inspections, however there were two inspections with three deficiencies. The first inspection was within the last 12 months, occurring on the 9th of Sep 2019 which resulted in three deficiencies. The second inspection was in late 2017 also with three deficiencies.

Together, these inspections affected this vessel’s PSC deficiency sub-score.

We also provide visibility on benchmarking, where you can compare this vessel against those of a similar size and type.

This helps to indicate where a vessel is in comparison to its peers, and in this particular case the vessel outperforms its peers.

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