There are two ways to add a vessel to a list as follows:

1. Add vessels to a fleet list individually  

Enter the 'Lists' tab. Choose which record to use by clicking on the 'VSL' button next to the specific item.

To add vessels individually, select the '+Add Vessel' button on the top left hand corner of the list page.

This will create a form that you need to complete by typing in the name or IMO of the vessel that you wish to add to your list. You will notice that this field is aided by a quick-search function, for your convenience.

You may nominate a reason for adding the vessel to the list, however this field is optional. Select the 'Add' button and you will see notification on the screen that the vessel has been added.

When you refresh the screen, you will see a pop up message that the vessel has been added in the fleet list.

2. Add more than one vessel to a list by uploading from a CSV file

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