STEP 1: Search for the vessel

Go to search and enter the name or IMO number of the vessel you wish to vet, and select the relevant vessel from the list below.

STEP 2: Click on the ‘+Vet’ button & complete the Request Vet form.

This will bring up a form that you need to complete.

You will notice that the ports & cargo type will autofill so you can start typing and select your option from this list.

It is not compulsory to enter a comment, but it will be read by RightShip if you do. Comments will be stored against the vet, and so can also be used for your own record keeping. When you’ve filled in the form select ‘submit’.

STEP 3: View details of vet on the overview page

This vessel has come up as ‘review required’, which means that RightShip’s Vetting Superintendents need to assess the vessel.

You are also able to upload any attachments that might assist the assessment, for example Q88 questionnaires, mooring plans and certificates. There is no restriction on the size or type of attachments that you can load.

STEP 4: Close the vet

When you have reviewed the vet and uploaded any relevant attachments, select the ‘close’ sign or click on the vessel name to return to the vessel page.

When the vet is complete you will also receive text or e-mail notification from RightShip.

VET Workflow Status Definitions 

Review Required - Nomination received and yet to be reviewed.

In progress - Nomination is currently being reviewed.

Awaiting response - Vet is in progress and is awaiting additional information from a third party (eg: shipowner).

Acceptable - Nomination meets company criteria.

Unacceptable  - Nomination does not meet company criteria.

Cancelled - Nomination is no longer required.

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