nter the 'Lists' tab. Choose which record to use by clicking on the 'VSL' button next to the specific list.

You can upload a spreadsheet containing a number of vessels by selecting the 'Upload' button.

You can upload a file by either browsing or dragging the relevant file into the box.

Ensure that you have created and saved the spreadsheet in .xlsx or .csv file format

Please note:

  • Row 1 must contain a column header named 'IMO'. Additional columns can include 'Name', 'EffectiveOn', 'EffectiveTo', 'Comment'. Variations to the column names will prevent the list from uploading.
  • Additional information can be added in other columns. Currently there are no restrictions on the number of columns that can be included.
  • Any formatting in the file will be ignored, only the data will be read.
  • All other spreadsheet content will be ignored.
  • There is no limit to the size of the file you can upload, however you will need to wait until the upload is complete before closing the window.
  • All non-numeric IMO numbers will be ignored and an error message will not be displayed.

Example Template

Notification will appear when the upload is complete, however the vessels may not appear immediately (depending on the number of records uploaded).

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