STEP 1: Search for the vessel

Go to 'search' and enter the name or IMO number of the vessel for which you wish to provide feedback, and select the relevant vessel from the list below.

STEP 2: Open the feedback form

Select ‘more’ from the drop down menu and select ‘submit feedback’. This brings up the feedback forms.

Click the down arrow and choose the report type you wish to submit. The process of submitting a feedback form is the same, regardless of which you choose.

Click on the ‘submit’ button, and the report will come up.

STEP 3: Complete the form

Enter the details required in the report. Some of the fields are free text, and some will autocomplete when you start typing.

Do not include commas as separator characters when you enter figures. If you do, the system will ask you to re-enter the number without the separator characters.

Note: Overall vessel performance (part 2.14) is not auto-populated so you will need to select an option.

Section 3.1 is open text for comments, and is mandatory to complete. If there is no adverse feedback, you can simply write ‘no feedback' or ‘n/a’.

In this example we indicated that there had been a safety incident on board in section 2.1, so we need to comment on this.

When all fields have been completed, click ‘next’ where you will be taken to a screen to upload any relevant documents or photographs.

STEP 8: Submit the feedback form

Please note: The information you have submitted in this report is taken into consideration for all future vessel assessments

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