Q. What happens to my SVIS fleet lists when I register for Qi?

Fleet lists transfer from SVIS to Qi as part of the transition and integration. There will be no need to recreate these lists in Qi.

Q. Can I add any vessel to a list? Not just those owned/managed by my company?

Yes, you can add any vessel from the RightShip database to your fleet list. This includes those not owned/managed or chartered by your company.

An advantage of Qi is the ability to look for various companies using the search function, and benchmark performance in a range of areas.

Q. How many fleet lists can I have?

A significant upgrade to the fleet list architecture and methodology in SVIS, RightShip customers can essentially have an unlimited number of fleet lists in Qi.

The ability to create multiple fleet lists is a valuable tool for many of RightShip's customers who, for various reasons, require the ability to monitor differing sets of vessels, and create appropriate alerts against these.

Q. How often are alerts provided? Can we set these as more/less frequent?

Alerts are sent out once a day. Customers who set these against their fleet lists will receive a daily email highlighting all applicable movements to the vessels within the relevant fleet list, based on the alerts set.

RightShip may make these more or less frequent in the future, depending on customer feedback and requirements.

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