The Qi rating can be broken down into two components:

  1. The underlying risk model; and
  2.  Rules which complement the model.

Component 1: The Risk Model

There are 9 key risk factors that affect a vessel's risk rating, and up to six - and as few as 3 - are displayed on the rating visualisation chart.

This can be accessed through the 'reports' tab (top right of screen), then by selecting 'rating visualisation' from the drop-down menu. This process is outlined below:

When looking at the chart, the zero (0) line equals the average vessel in the database. Any risk factors indicated to the right of the zero line are those that have positively affected your vessel rating, and those that are to the left of the zero line have had a negative impact on your vessel rating.

Addressing these negative risk factors is the most direct way to influence your vessel's risk rating. It should be noted that directly addressing an aspect of the risk factor does not guarantee an improved risk rating, as this rating is calculated on the interaction between the model inputs. Any new or changed inputs are not simply additive, but require a re-calculation.

Component 2: Rules that complement the risk model

More than 70 rules complement the predictive model by considering events and factors outside the model, and these typically re-direct vessel to a RightShip Superintendent for a manual review.

Vessel-specific performance considerations or attributes highlighted as part of the screening and diligence process include:

  • Open PSC detentions
  • Open PSC inspections
  • Open incidents
  • Sanctions
  • Age ceilings

Timely provision of additional information (e.g. details of root cause analysis and thorough corrective & preventative actions following a PSC inspection with multiple deficiencies) will usually be sufficient to remove the rule ceiling on a vessel.

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