Log in to RightShip Qi

When you login to RightShip Qi, you’ll see a left hand navigational panel which allows you to move between areas of the system.

You can:

  • View vessel activity through the ‘Tasks’ tab
  • Search for vessels or companies and their related activity
  • View & create fleet lists

What are you are able to see on this screen is based on your role, as nominated by your organisation.  

Searching for information on Qi

You can search for specific information through the ‘search’ function.

Here you can do a keyword search for a company or vessel's activity, and view activities such as incidents, feedback and PSCs.

Tasks in Qi

'Tasks' enables you to view all activities relating to vessels such as vets, questionnaires, feedback reports, PSCs and incidents.

Activities can also be found using one the filter buttons:

This screen is intended to be your ‘workbench’. It provides visibility into vetting data and events that may impact a vessel’s ability to trade. Qi will remember and display your last-viewed vessel or company, or you can find others via the ‘search’ button.

Companies on Qi

The company screen consists of company details, fleet benchmarking reports and allows the user to manually attach documents.

Lists & Alerts

Lists is where you would view and create fleet lists, set alerts against vessel events & activities – for example, be notified of events or changes to vessels – and view reports.

Many RightShip customers will also use lists to integrate with their own vetting rules.

The vessel dashboard

Another feature of Qi is the vessel dashboard.

Here you can see:

  • The RightShip Risk Rating, which uses our new, verified, predictive analytics model
  • The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rating, which rates the relative CO2 output of the vessel compared to those of a similar size and type
  • The vessel’s Environmental Score, which was previously called the ‘Environmental Risk Rating’

Other vessel information contained here includes TRACE certification, and any awards and memberships that the vessel has.

Vetting rules & particulars


There are many rules that assist the vetting process. Qi displays the rules that have been tripped for the vessel.

This gives Vetting Superintendents insight into activities that require action before the vetting process can be completed.

Vessel details

Also known as ‘vessel particulars’, the ‘details’ tab here provides vessel information including:

  • IMO
  • Flag
  • Owners
  • Managers

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