TRACE International is a globally recognised anti-bribery organisation who provide a due-diligence review, analysis and approval process for maritime organisations. Completion of the certification process underscores a vessel owner’s commitment to commercial transparency, thereby reducing supply-chain risk to charterers.

The TRACE certification is displayed on the RightShip Qi vessel dashboard, indicating whether or not the owners have undergone TRACE certification. Those that have undertaken the TRACE certification will have their compliance rating displayed: CR-1 (indicating no ‘red flags’ have been identified), CR-2 (‘red flags’ identified & resolved), CR-3 (‘red flags’ identified but not resolved) or CR-3S (identified as being on the international sanctions list). For more information please follow this link: TRACEcertification - Compliance Rating Process for Vessel Owners Nov2016.pdf

TRACE certification is undertaken independently of RightShip, and does not form part of RightShip’s risk assessment procedure. For more information on TRACE International please visit or contact TRACE International directly regarding compliance ratings at

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