The incident page is used for viewing incidents and casualties related to a particular vessel, providing an overview and available details. Relevant attachments can be uploaded and viewed (depending on access rights), as well as any available vessel reports.

Incidents remain open until reviewed by Rightship in the course of vetting procedures or inspection close-out. An open incident will stop a vet from being auto-approved. In order to close an incident, a copy of the relevant investigation report, including details of corrective and preventative actions, will be requested and reviewed by Rightship.

The user must log in to Qi and search for the vessel by name or IMO.

In order to search for and view an incident:

  1. Open Qi in browser
  2. Log in to Qi with your username and password
  3. Qi will display the activity and tasks page after login has been successful

4. Click on the 'Search' tab.

5. The best way to search for an incident is to enter key word "INC" followed by the vessel name or IMO.

6. To view the specific incident click on the 'INC' button next to the record

7. The overview page of selected incident or activity will be displayed.

8. Click on the 'MORE INFO' tab to view the available information.

9. Click on the 'ATTACHMENTS' tab to view any attachments related to the incident. In order to add attachments, drag & drop files into the upload area or click on 'Select Files'.

10. Click on the 'REPORTS' tab to view various reports related to the incident.

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