Broken Up – Vessel has been demolished / recycled

Cancelled before Construction – Construction of vessel was terminated before construction began

Continued Existence in Doubt – Unable to confirm whether this ship is still trading or extant within another status

Converting/Rebuilding – Vessel is temporarily out of trading fleet whilst significant alterations are made

Hulked – Vessel has been abandoned and is no longer in an operational condition

In Casualty or Repairing – Vessel is temporarily out of trading fleet or repairing following an incident

In Service/Commission – Vessel is in the trading fleet

Keel laid – First sections of the vessel have been placed on the building berth

Laid Up – Vessel is temporarily out of the trading fleet, laying idle (this is triggered by classification society reporting vessel is in lay-up condition)

Launched – Vessel is in the water undergoing final stages of construction prior to entering operation

No Longer meets IHSF Criteria – Vessel no longer meets the requirements of the IHS Maritime database (core reasons: no-longer sea-going, under 100gt or no longer propelled)

On Order/Not Commenced – Contract has been signed to build vessel but construction has not begun

Projected – Plan in place to build the vessel subject to the contract being signed

Scrapped before Completion – Construction of vessel terminated during construction and hull demolished

Scuttled – Vessel has been deliberately sunk

To Be Broken Up – Vessel has been reported sold for demolition/recycling

Total Loss – Vessel removed from trading as a result of an incident

US Reserve Fleet – Vessel is part of the U.S Government Reserve Fleet and does not form part of commercial fleet

Under Construction – Initial phases of construction have begun

Naval vessels – Vessel operated by Government for purposes of defence

Never Existed – This vessel was reported in error – it never existed

Unidentified Ship Data – Unidentified ship previously unknown now being investigated

Please note:  Ship status definitions are provided by IHS.  Some of the entity names have been updated to reflect current industry naming standards.

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