A Port Clearance (PC) is generated for vets that have an 'acceptable' Terminal Questionnaire (TQ).

  • A Port Clearance requires review only if the associated TQ is reviewed as 'acceptable'
  • A Port Clearance unlike a TQ cannot affect the Vet Outcome.

When a TQ is 'Reviewed acceptable' an email will be sent to the terminal notifying them of a generated port clearance requiring review. The PC can be accessed by clicking on the link within the email.

To enter the PC within Qi, go to 'search' and enter the name or IMO number of the vessel. Click on the 'VSL' icon or the vessel's name to access the relevant information.

Click on the 'ACTIVITIES' header, followed by the 'PC' icon on the port clearance item.  

You will now be taken to the port clearance overview screen which lists the Port (P) grouped by Terminal (T) and associated Berth (B).

Clicking on the 'Berth' will show the criteria for the berth & the vessel data relevant to the berth criteria and the status of the vessel against the berth. Clicking on 'Override' will change the suitability of that record.

Icon definitions:

Click on the 'ATTACHMENTS' tab to view any documentation related to the Port Clearance. To add attachments, drag & drop files into the upload area or click on 'Select Files'. A number will appear next to the tab when attachments are uploaded.

Each update made to the Port Clearance will be displayed on the right-hand side via the 'HISTORY' panel. In addition, comments can be made in the same panel under tab 'COMMENTS'.

Close or Cancel the Port Clearance by clicking on 'Actions' button, followed by 'Close / Cancel Port Clearance'.  

Vet/Terminal Questionnaire (TQ)/ Port Clearance (PC) Process

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